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International Percussion Competitions

3 age groups: group I (up to 14 years old), group II (15-18 years old), group III (19-23 years old)


XVIII International Vibraphone Competition (20-22 October 2023)
IX International Marimba Competition (20-22 October 2023)


XVII International Dum Set Competition – Young Drum Hero (25-26 November 2023)


The International Drum Competitions are accompanied by the events of the DRUM FEST festival, more about which can be found at:


In addition, the American jurors of the Marimba and Vibraphone Competitions
will perform at the Opole Philharmonic, more information about this: https://filharmonia.opole.pl/wydarzenia/perkusyjna-noc/

XVII International
Drum Set Competition

25-26 November 2023

Additional information

Information on the availability of sheet music for other obligatory works can be found at: